About us

Shenzhen Qifu Stainless Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. formerly known as Shenzhen City Fu Stainless Steel Engineering Co. Ltd., is a large-scale private enterprise integrated R & D, a professional manufacturer of stainless steel and other metal products and engineering, production and installation of construction. The company in Shenzhen city has two factories, factory located in Shenzhen City, Baoan three road construction Industrial Park Xin'an District 28 floor, the main business: the construction of large and medium-sized stainless steel and other metal material decoration, infrastructure and municipal engineering; to undertake the production, processing and manufacturing of large and medium-sized enterprises in stainless steel and other metal products. Factory is located in Shenzhen City, five Baoan road Xin'an District 49 105-107 number, the main business: production and processing to undertake individual and small and medium-sized enterprises....

Case shows

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